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Egg Wits serves Breakfast, Lunch, & Brunch in Pensacola, FL. We offer counter-order dining, Catering, Delivery, or Take Out. 

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Egg Wits: Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch

Egg Wits serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch in Pensacola, FL. We offer dine-in, delivery, take-out, and catering services in Pensacola, FL.

Egg Wits in Pensacola, FL.

505 Brent Lane, Pensacola, Florida 32503, United States

(850) 497-6777 primary
(850) 404-0706 secondary

Egg Wits Hours of Operation

Everyday: 7am - 2pm

About Us

Egg Wits Story

Daniel Hua and his mother Rachel started Egg Wits with a passion to design a faster pace and more affordable service with quality ingredients mostly found in more expensive high class restaurants. 

Our Kitchen

We believe menu items should consist of simple ingredients and should not contain a list of things most people do not know. Eating healthier and lighter can be difficult when dining out, so our selection of choice ingredients keeps the healthy conscious in mind. We make each order fresh putting care where it matters most.

Our Mission

We strive to provide quality service to our customers as well as a quality work environment to our employees. 

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